Challenges Met, Opportunities Ahead

Jan. 26-Jan. 28

Virtual event for University entrepreneurship professionals, professors and students

Including unveiling this year’s Top List of University Entrepreneurship Competitions


Confirmed Speakers as of 11/15

Stacey Vanek Smith

is the co-host of NPR's The Indicator from Planet Money, and author of Machiavelli for Women: Defend Your Growth, Grow Your Ambition, and Win the Workplace. Prior to NPR she was a correspondent for Marketplace and collaborated with the New York Times

Seth Levine

is the co-author of The New Builders and Managing Director of Foundry Group, a venture firm with $3B in assets under management. He is also the founder of Pledge 1% and a Trustee of Macalester College.

Scott Stein

is the Associate Director of Student Entrepreneurship programs in the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is the brain behind the Top 20 University Entrepreneurship Competitions

Elizabeth MacBride

is the co-author of The New Builders and founder of Times of Entrepreneurship. She is a journalist-in-residence at the MIT Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship and senior contributor for Forbes. Her articles have been read by millions worldwide, and have been translated into Arabic, Armenian and Khmer.

Laura Fredricks

is a coach and author of The Ask, a step-by-step guide to asking for what you want and getting it, in business, philanthropy and the creative economy. Especially money.

Dan Sachs

is the Executive Director, Education and Programs of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The University of Chicago. He is a seasoned business executive and entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, and a former professor of management and entrepreneurship at DePaul University. He published the book The Million Dollar Greeting: Today's Best Practices for Profit, Customer Retention, and a Happy Workplace.


Jan. 26

1 pm – 1:30pm:
Event Launch
1:30 pm – 2 pm:
Survey results breakout rooms
2 pm – 3 pm:
Disruption in Higher Education: will your job be there in 10 years? (includes: Deconstructing Scott Galloway)
3pm – 3:15 pm: 
3:30 pm – 4pm:
Networking Break
4pm – 5pm:
How to Get Students Over Eco-Depression Via Entrepreneurship


Jan. 27

1pm – 2pm:
The New Builders. Making the case for entrepreneurship with Elizabeth MacBride and Seth Levine. The stats and surge in entrepreneurship that will make your case to outside funders and university administrations
2pm – 3pm:
LIVECASE Challenge
What happens if your program is criticized for a lack of diversity?
3pm – 3:15 pm:
3:30 pm – 4pm:
Networking Break
4pm – 5pm:

  • A Little Greed is Good. How to Talk About Entrepreneurship to a Generation That Thinks Capitalism is Bad
  • Embedded, Which is the Right Structure for Entrepreneurship 
    Within Your University
  • Practical Language for Negotiating and Fundraising

Jan. 28

1pm – 2:30 pm:
Unveiling of the Top University Competitions (sponsored by YouNoodle) and panel discussion
2:30 pm – 3pm:
Networking Break
3pm – 3:45 pm:
PANEL Making Space for Parents, Especially Women, in Entrepreneurship
3:45 pm – 4 pm
4pm – 5pm:
Final Closing Discussion: What is Success in 2022? Setting your intentions for the year.

Why are we hosting this event?

We see business through the lens of its impact on individuals and communities. We write often at the nexus of finance and entrepreneurship, so that our stories are inspiring and actionable. This includes the important work of university entrepreneurship programs as evidenced by our reporting on Top 20 U.S. University Entrepreneurship Competitions. The January event will specifically:

  • Create a professional community in the university entrepreneurship space
  • Establish community norms about diversity and inclusion
  • Spark discussions
  • Provide concrete help to professionals struggling in this unprecedented time

Why sponsor Challenges Met: Opportunities for the Future?

  • Put your product or service in front of the decision makers who purchase the software and services for universities
  • Brand exposure with university professionals
  • Support entrepreneurship in the U.S.
  • An opportunity to market to our email list of 2,800 university professionals

Sponsorships may include:

  • Event panel participation
  • Name on our Top 20 University Competitions list
  • ROS advertisement in Times of Entrepreneurship
  • Mention in newsletter
  • Named as sponsor of this inaugural event in emails and marketing outreach
  • On-stage panel/interview with Times of E founder Elizabeth MacBride to describe offerings
  • E-blasts to our 2,800 email list of university professionals