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In 2016, at a friend’s invitation, long-time business journalist Elizabeth MacBride self-funded a weekend trip to Cairo to cover an entrepreneurship gathering, Rise Up Summit. There were 25,000 young people in lines that snaked through the narrow streets, some from as far as away as Japan and many from Africa and the Middle East. Elizabeth was the only Western journalist there. The story she wrote received more than 20,000 views. It was an invitation to hundreds of entrepreneurs who reached out afterwards, wanting to share their stories.

Over the years, many business journalists have had experiences like this. Just last year, Elizabeth wrote about women over the age of 50 starting businesses. That article received over 85,000 views, and generated responses from investors and entrepreneurs for whom that truth deeply resonated.

Beyond Silicon Valley, there are many more entrepreneurs waiting to be seen and heard.


Entrepreneurship is one of the most important forces at work to move economies forward in a sustainable, equitable way. We need entrepreneurs and a financial system that creates innovation and jobs. We’re here to tell those great and important stories.

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